Honors: Independent Reading

Type of Plot:
First Published:
(Write this in one or two sentences.)
Principal Characters:
Name:  Brief biography
Name:  Brief biography
Name:  Brief biography
The Story:
(Write plot summaries for each chapter, poem, stanza, part.)
Critical Evaluation:
(Write your opinion of the work.  If you liked it, what was good about it and why?  If not, why not?)
World Literature II
Independent Reading Projects
Due Monday, April 16, 2012
Choose one of the following projects that you will complete to demonstrate understanding of your independent reading book.  Be prepared to present and discuss your project with your class.
For each chapter in the book, create one page that creatively displays/represents the settings, characters, events, and themes portrayed in that chapter.  Consider using photos, newspaper or magazine clippings, scrapbook supplies….  Be creative.  Include at least two important/memorable qujotes from each chapter on each page.  Explain the importance of each qyote and how it relates to the characters and events within that chapter.
Write an epilogue for the book from the same point of view as the book itself.  Write in the same style as the book.  Style includes sentence length, vocabulary, dialogue, and descriptive passages.  Extend the story by adding new details, characters, events, settings, and so on.  This project must be at least three pages long.  You must type it according to MLA format.  You will include a paragraph at the end that explains your understanding of the author’s style and why you chose to extend the text in the way you have.
Using paint, performance, singing, or some other medium, create an art piece that symbolically represents the book.  Write a 300- to 500-word explanation of how the artwork represents the book.  Choose a recurring motif such as an object, word, color to put in your art work.  Your book might include multiple motifs and you might incorporate more than one into your artistic representation.

Exceptional (20 pts.)
Adequate (15 pts.)
Questionable (10 pts.)
demonstrates clear understanding of the book as a whole

demonstrates appropriate effort for honors level credit

follows ALL directions for the assignment type

proper citation of any outside sources  or no sources used

Presented on time 

Grade: ___________    Comments: